Furaha House became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2015 therefore all donations to Furaha House are Tax-Deductible. Furaha House was created in 2011 in Austin, Texas with the Mission to help African Immigrant and Refugee Families adapt to life in the USA. The Founder of Furaha House Mrs. Solange Woodson, moved to the US as an international student from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006 to Ashland, OREGON. During this same year, her father's political party lost the election in the Congo and his life became endagered. Mrs. Woodson along with her 2 siblings decided to apply for political asylum as their lives were in danger. They quickly received the status of Asylum but were never aware of the benefits such as financial aids and social services they could have received while they lived in a small town called Ashland in Oregon. Mrs. Woodson and her siblings continue to struggle to pay their tuition at school and sometimes worked 17 hours per day on Campus while attending to school as well. When Mrs. Woodson moved from Oregon to Texas, she conducted a community mapping project in the African refugee community which led to the birth of Furaha House. Many African immigrant and refugees families in Central Texas struggle to ressetled in the USA. Many refugees we work with spent between 7-19 years in refugee Camps under deplorable condition with no education or jobs. When they get to the US, they only receive 3-4 months of assistance and they are sent to take care of themselves. In 4 months they have to master English eventhough they might not be literate in their own native language, they have to look for work and have to learn how to budget and pay bills in a language that is not familiar to them. Most of these families have experienced all of sort of trama and don't receive any mental health assessment or services. The list of challenges go on and on but all Hope has not been lost.



Furaha House strives to lead African refugee and immigrant families to become self-sustaining through culturally competent services and multidisciplinary programs in strategic partnership with like minded organizations by establishing a diverse, dynamic and sustainable community.

Refugee Camp in Tanzania

Refugee Camp in Kenya



No sanitation, no school, no access to the outside world and yet when they get to Texas, they have 4 months to learn English, get a Job and be on their own.

Imagine Living Under these Conditions!


These are pictures of the refugee camps in Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi. People who live here don't have access to sanitation, clean drinking water, education or the outside world. Though they spend many years here, when they leave they can't event speak English the official language of Tanzania. When they are resettled in Texas, They get 4 months of assistance ...

Refugee Camp in Burundi



Imagine Living like this for 19 years and having children that were all born here. That is the story of one of Furaha House cling who is a single mother of 4 children. Her husband couldn't take it any longer so he left her with 4 kids in this place. The resettlement agency have already moved this family 4 times with no access to mental health services.

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