Women and Girls Empowerment Initiative (Binti na Mama Mbele)

Mama na Binti Mbeye "Women and Girls Empowerment Initiative"

Furaha House is in the planning stages of opening its Center in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the City of Goma. Our Women and Girls Empowerment Pilot Project will consist of 10 girls and 10 women victims of sexual assault, rape and domestic violence or teen motherhood. The goal of this pilot project is to empower these women and girls to learn livelihood skills that can help them become self-sufficient.


  • Sewing Circle
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Counseling
  • Baking
  • Community Gardening
  • Literacy
  • Computer Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • English Literacy
  • Reproductive Health


After the successful completion of the 1 year program, participants will receive teachnical support, supplies such as sewing machines, baking equipments , farming equipment and seed fund to start their own small business in clothing design, bakery or agricultural farming. Furaha House will work with Microlanding Non Profit to secure Funds for Participants.



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