Goma's Story

A little About Goma

Black volcanic rocks permeate Goma’s landscape, lending it a unique look amongst the towns and cities of the DR Congo. They are everywhere – used to build walls, roads, crushed and reconstituted into bricks; the city is a mixture of diffused black and grey colours surrounded by the lush green hills which create some of the best farmland in Africa – and, on occasion, nearby volcanoes erupt and demolish the town in its entirety. Huge lava fields northwest of Goma attest to the precarious position that the city maintains. The beauty of this city though doesn't prevent the devastation that has befold this region.

Goma city is the capital of eastern of Congo and this area that has suffered from civil wars which began in 1996, bringing about the end of the Mobutu Sese Seko's 32-year reign.

This is instability has caused many people to move from their villages and cities , most of people are living in Camps around Goma. These decades of cival wars and instabilities have brought so much agony to the people of the Eastern Congo including Goma.

The United Nations has called the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo the rape capital of the world and the most dangerous place on earth for women. Research reports that 12 percent of the country’s women have been raped at least once and that 48 women are raped every hour.




Living under unhuman conditions with no access to sanitation but these children choose to smile and be happy. They don't have access to education and don't know where they next meal will come from, but these children inspires us to do more than just sit around and watch humanity being destroyed. Goma needs your help, join us to fight against cival war, rape, sexual assault, access to education and social justice.

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