African Refugee & Immigrant Sponsorship (ARIS)

African Refugee and Immigran Sponsorship

Furaha House is implementing a new program that will build relationships with resettlement and the community to match newly arriving refugees and immigrants with community sponsors that will help refugees in their first 12 months of resettlement. The sponsors will help in finding housing for refugees, find furniture, set up the apartment, pick up the refugee at the airport, register kids in school, help open a bank account, provide transportation to appointments with healthcare providers, orientation to American culture. Furaha House will coordinate volunteers and provide them with a cultural competency training. Every quarter, Furaha House will organize community celebrations and Integration Events for Immigrant and Refugee Families. If you know a family that might benefit from this program, please fill out the form below and we will contact them.




Furaha House is invested in making sure African Immigrant and Refugee Families Succeed in Resettling in Central Texas. We are committed to working with all skateholders to making sure we build a strong African Community where families contribute to the well-being of our state. We know first hand how hard it is to acclimate to live in the USA and the many challenges we have to overcome to survive in this great nation. Please use the form below if you to refer an African Family to this program or if you would like to sponsor a Family for 1 year.

African Family Referral and Potential Sponsor Form



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