African Girls Empowerment & Leadership Initiative


The African Girls Empowerment and Leadership Initiative (AGELI) program of Furaha House African Family Center was conceptualized as a response to the need for support of healthy, successful transitions to adulthood for female youth within the African immigrant and refugee population of the Austin-Central Texas geographic region. AGELI cycle one was piloted with a cohort of female youth ages 11-18 in the Summer of 2012. The program is expected to provide future summer cycles that meet participant’s

psychosocial educational needs as they advance from middle school through high school and through their final transition to college. Each year a new generation of AGELI participants will begin cycle one of the AGELI program. Furaha House expects to implement a mirror ABELI (African Boys Empowerment and Leadership Initiative) program as organizational capacity expands. AGELI participants were recruited from the base population of Furaha House’s after school program at Austin ISD’s International

High School. The pilot was open to African immigrant and refugee female youth attending other schools in the region. Thus, the program provides an opportunity to reach and support youth beyond the scope of the growing after school program during the summer break of the regular school year. The program also provides an opportunity to address student’s psychosocial developmental needs as it addresses the needs of youth beyond academic tutoring.

AGELI Program Registration for African Girls in 6th-12th Grade



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