African Cultural Competency Training



Furaha House has a network of African Experts in Difference African Cultures and Languages. We believe that all agencies need to be equipped to know where they clients came from and what experiences they have gone through.

Cultural Competency Training

Furaha House offers a variety of cultural competency trainings to organizations, Churches, Government Agencies and Educational Institutions working with African Immigrants and Refugees. We offer a comprehensive training that focuses on where the population you served came from, their cultural background, their journey coming to the United States and how you can help in their transition here in the US. Furaha House trainers will make sure that participants have awareness, sensitivity, knowledge and the skills to work effectively with African people in the US and Back on the Continent. There is a negotiable FEE for this training to support the work of Furaha House




Furaha House has offered a Cultural Competency Training to Travis County Social Workers that Work with African Immigrants. The Executive Director of Furaha House has given cultural Competency Webinars to Agencies working with African immigrant and refugee women victims of Sexual Assault.

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